Welcome to Ziphy Web

We're excited you're here! This section provides you with overview information about Ziphy Web (where you're logged in now!) and our Ziphy mobile app.

Ziphy Web is the browser version of our mobile app, Ziphy. Both Ziphy and Ziphy Web give you the ability to schedule, manage, and pay for appointments for telemedical examinations.

We collect basic user data including name, phone, email, gender, age, and street addresses. When booking an appointment, you will provide basic health and contact information for the patient. The health information is processed by an algorithm which determines whether the patient should be directed to seek emergency medical attention. Medical Chart data is not stored in, nor is it accessible through Ziphy or Ziphy Web.

Where required, appointments are paid for by credit card. ZiphyCare incorporates the services of a third-party payment processor (Stripe). ZiphyCare does not receive nor store your card data, other than the last four digits of a card number and expiration month/year.

Intended use

This is intended for use by patients and healthcare teams for the scheduling and fulfillment of virtual and in-person appointments.

Indications for use

This is designed as a dynamic scheduling system for patients and healthcare professionals. It performs medical triage algorithms (enabling automated patient pre-screening), executes dispatch algorithms (maximizing user performance efficiency) and provides event notifications. Ziphy connects patients with healthcare professionals for their non-emergent health care. We enable the next level of concierge healthcare and telehealth medicine.