Welcome to MyZiphy

We're excited you're here! MyZiphy is the browser version of our mobile app, Ziphy. Ziphy is a straightforward mobile app, available free for download. Both enable people to schedule, manage, and pay for healthcare appointments. Availability and type of appointment are at the discretion of the third party care provider. Appointment types can be onsite, or virtual. In an onsite appointment, a care coordinator will arrive at the patient location at the scheduled time and support with a diagnostic toolkit (the “ZiphyKit”) including communication interface.

Users create an account. A user may include additional patients in their Circle of Care. Ziphy stores basic user data, such as gender, date of birth, and street addresses. The user pays for exams in the Ziphy app using either a coupon code from the patient's service provider or by credit card, using a third-party payment processor (Stripe). ZiphyCare does not receive or store cardholder data, other than the last four digits and expiration month/year.

Intended use

For use by patients to schedule, manage, and pay for healthcare appointments.

Indications for use

Connect patients with healthcare professionals for non-emergent health care.