Who We Are

Like most companies, we do have flattering photos of our founders and top executives with very impressive backgrounds. Instead, if you’d be so kind, please take a minute to find out more about us — and the way we think.

01ERs: Broken Bones, Broken System
It doesn't take more than one trip to an emergency room to discover that the American health care delivery system is truly broken. People in pain, lying on gurneys in overcrowded hallways. Hours and hours and hours of waiting to be seen. Multi-thousands of dollars charged for the ambulance ride, the examination, the hospital stay, the antibiotics, the gauze, the Band-Aids. You are most certainly paying for the privilege of your night hanging out in the ER with all your new best friends.
02Not-So-Urgent-Care Centers
Entrepreneurs before us devised a reasonable solution: the urgent-care center. Clean. Smaller. Relatively sane. Shorter wait times— but short enough? Not really, especially in prime time. Cheap enough? Not really. Easy to get to? For most people, not really. Urgent-care centers were a good start. But we think the American health care delivery system can be better. It just needs a disruptor. And that's where we come in.
03Taking Health Care to the House
At ZiphyCare, we're not focused on anything other than providing the most seamless, convenient and humane health care delivery experience possible. It's our calling.

Because we know. We know that when you or your loved one is sick, the last thing you really want to do is leave your home or office. Luckily, with our house-call technology, you don't have to worry about that last mile between you and your health care because we bring it to you. So forget the ER. Forget the urgent-care center. Forget the long waits, the traffic, the long distance to the nearest health care facility. Forget the high costs. Forget the broken American health care delivery system. Just use your app, and a ZiphyCare technician will be at your doorstep in under an hour, even at the busiest times of the day, to connect you with a top health care provider for diagnosis and treatment.
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