25% of $1 Trillon is Available To Be Saved Every Year

The estimated cost of waste in the us health care system ranged from $760 billion to $935 billion, accounting for approximately 25% of total health care spending.

JAMA 2019 waste in the us health care system: estimated costs and potential for savings.

Telehealth Will Not Solve It

  • Telehealth is an OK business model not worthy of a SaaS / disruptive tech multiple
  • Essentially a glorified call-center with 0 patents
  • At scale competitors offering largely undifferentiable product
  • Little to no pricing power and low switching costs
- Teladoc analyst

Our FDA registered and patented technology platform delivers a medical examination experience that approximates a doctor-present exam by enabling an extension of the “physician’s hands, eyes and ears” at the patient location.

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