Controlling Managed Care Costs By Improving Patient Outcomes

ZiphyCare is poised to radically improve outcomes among Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Dual (Medicare/Medicaid) members with chronic, complex Diabetes Mellitus and Congestive Heart Failure. Our at-home services reach the most clinically complex patients, focusing on individuals who are home-bound and/or live in remote areas.

These patients require continuous care, but face tremendous barriers to accessing quality medical services, complying with treatment plans, staying on track with prescribed medications, and sustaining behaviors that support well-being. When patients don’t get the right kind of care, their health suffers, they wind up in the ER or hospitalized, and insurance providers’ costs skyrocket.

ZiphyCare offers a different scenario. Our at-home Evaluation, Management, and Emergency Room Diversion
Program delivers superior patient care as well as significant savings to Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and other insurance providers.

We bridge the divide between clinical primary care and managed care case-management. Our model provides real-time data on utilization, quality and cost. Medical and psychosocial data is collected to inform ML algorithms that analyze and predict future population risks and cost-saving opportunities in any given geography.

Our unique model:


Improves patient compliance, satisfaction, & health outcomes.


Removes barriers to care & closes gaps in quality (HEDIS).


Reduces ER visits & in-patient admissions and re-admissions.


Increases patient, physician, & payer satisfaction.


Achieves the elusive goal of cost-effective, quality care among patient populations that generate some of the highest costs incurred by Managed Care providers.

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