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R.E.A.L telemedicine, powered by real intelligence.

Remote. Exam. Any. Location

For acute care, patients often head straight to the emergency room or a local urgent-care center. ZiphyCare is changing that dynamic. Join us in revolutionizing health care.

01Anywhere But the ER
About 90% of emergency-room visits are preventable—when an acceptable option is available for a patient in need. ER visits are very costly—3.5 times more expensive than an urgent-care visit, and more than 15 times pricier than a telehealth appointment. Combined with the cost, it makes for a legendarily poor experience. Patients want, need and deserve something better.
02Are Local Urgent-Care Centers the Answer?
They are cheaper, but patients still have to leave their home or workplace to get there, and waiting rooms still fill up. In snow, rain, heat or the middle of the night, a trip to a local walk-in medical center is about the last thing anyone wants to do when they are feeling under the weather.
03Tell Me About Telehealth
Telehealth is the future of medicine. Leveraging modern technology, it allows health-care providers to offer top-quality health care to patients in need regardless of location, time of day or night, and is cost-effective without surprise add-ons. Telehealth lets you focus on delivering high-quality, value-based health care.
Why Partner with ZiphyCare?

We are not the only telehealth company, but we are the only telehealth company with remote exam technology brought to each patient's home or workplace by local, specially trained care coordinators. Our hospital-grade examination equipment, is enclosed in a patented, portable kit. Our kit includes:


A user-friendly web-based platform with an integrated video/audio conference connection enabling remote real-time exams plus an option to store the information electronically for future diagnostic/therapeutic use. The system is easy to navigate.


Proprietary software we have developed to activate and operate all of the medical tools


A unique USB3.0 camera for general, oral, dermatological and otoscopic exams. Our camera features ultra-high resolution, no compression and no color distortion.


A one-of-a-kind system for pulmonary, cardiac and abdominal auscultation.


A touch-screen-activated separate file for post-exam analysis. The process can be fully guided by a remotely located medical specialist.


An ultrasound component that, in addition to its direct purpose, can also be used as an alternative to palpation.


State-of-the-art testing equipment, including a 12 lead hospital grade EKG, glucometer, blood pressure monitor, and oximeter, spirometer and other state-of-the-art equipment. A digital-format cloud-storage option enables efficient patient monitoring. All files are readily accessible for the doctor at any point in time, regardless of the size and format.