For Health Care Providers

For acute care, patients often head straight to the emergency room or a local urgent-care center. ZiphyCare is changing that dynamic. Join us in revolutionizing health care.

01Anywhere But the ER
About 90% of emergency-room visits are preventable—when an acceptable option is available for a patient in need. ER visits are very costly—3.5 times more expensive than an urgent-care visit, and more than 15 times pricier than a telehealth appointment. Combined with the cost, it makes for a legendarily poor experience. Patients want, need and deserve something better.
02Are Local Urgent Care Centers the Answer?
They are cheaper, but patients still have to leave their home or workplace to get there, and waiting rooms still fill up. In snow, rain, heat or the middle of the night, a trip to a local walk-in medical center is about the last thing anyone wants to do when they are feeling under the weather.
03Tell Me About Telehealth
Telehealth is the future of medicine. Leveraging modern technology, it allows healthcare providers to offer top-quality care to patients in need, regardless of location or time of day, and is cost-effective without surprise add-ons. ZiphyCare's unique blend of virtual and in-person care helps us deliver high-quality, value-based healthcare.
Why Ziphy

Our mission is to ensure access to quality healthcare for all. We use technology to bridge the gap between telemedicine and in-person exams in a way that is novel, scalable, affordable and, most of all, patient-orientated

I’m an Emergency Room physician who’s worked in emergency medicine for over 20 years. I got involved with ZiphyCare because I really like their model of health care delivery. ZiphyCare has solidified a technological and service-delivery model where we can go to someone’s home and do a good physical exam remotely. Our Onsite Care Coordinators interact with patients in their own home and manage the technology. This gives me, and ZiphyCare’s other physicians, the ability to, in essence, be there without really being there.

With ZiphyCare, you’re getting care from providers like myself who are well-experienced, well-trained, and committed to giving you the best care possible using first rate technology to make it all possible. We strive to provide full-service, holistic care, that addresses the medical needs alongside the social work or case-management needs. ZiphyCare is pioneering an approach to healthcare delivery that is revolutionary and, in my humble opinion, here to stay.”

Dr. Oronde Smith,
ZiphyCare Medical Team Member

“ZiphyCare puts amazing technology together with great medical services to make sure each patient gets the right medical attention. Whether it’s a routine checkup or a particular problem, we bring the proper equipment so our doctor can examine and diagnose the patient remotely, prescribe any medications and refills, and arrange for appropriate follow-up.

“Our patients always tell me how much they appreciate the personality, privacy, and comfort ZiphyCare provides. They love being able to make an appointment, wait comfortably at home, and save the time of traveling to a doctor.

“ZiphyCare is medical and professional—but it’s also personable and caring. It’s warming to create a relationship where people feel comfortable with their health care, and where they feel listened to. We make everything easy and accessible. Even before the pandemic, a lot of people really needed that accessibility. Now, it’s even more important. The ZiphyCare approach is really an amazing win/win.”

Zaire Simmons,
Onsite Care Coordinator

“ZiphyCare uses sophisticated technology to bring medical services into people’s homes—whether it’s examining a child with a rash or fever, a homebound elder, or a community member who hasn’t seen a doctor in months because of the pandemic.

“From the patient's point-of-view, this complex technological process is simple and seamless—we create the illusion of simplicity. ZiphyCare provides a health care experience that is convenient, efficient, friendly and stress-free. ZiphyCare is real people—people who can be there to listen, sympathize, care, and help. I think that’s one of the most rewarding things about ZiphyCare’s approach: we do everything we can to create a comforting atmosphere during the medical exam. We talk to our patients, laugh with them, and get a lot of smiles. We bring some peace of mind, along with the care they need—and to us, that means a lot.”

Tim Belinsky,
Onsite Care Coordinator
Why Partner with ZiphyCare?

ZiphyCare is a "one stop shop" or turnkey solution to vertical delivery, integration, and management of care from A (Access) to Z (ZiphyCare). We integrate the behavioral, social, and medical components of healthcare, creating the most data-rich remote examination experience available in the industry.

ZiphyCare provides a remote examination experience that approximates a doctor-present exam that trumps other telemedicine offerings currently on the market. It allows physicians to see and hear patients remotely, conduct in-depth screenings and exams using hospital-grade, FDA-registered diagnostic equipment. Using the Ziphy TM platform, onsite care coordinators act as the “physician’s hands, eyes and ears” at the patient location.

ZiphyCare offers a proprietary appointment scheduling system that maximizes provider capacity across locations using a proprietary algorithm.

The next generation of healthcare delivery integrates physicians, clinicians, clinical physician extenders, case management, quality improvement programs, and technology to solve the problems of:

Access to Care
Continuity Care
Coordination of Care
Member Compliance
Preventive Care, including closing quality of Care Gaps (HEDIS, HRA, etc)
Case Management
Psychosocial Determinants of Care

Resulting In

Improvement in
Quality of Care
Closing Gaps in Quality
Integration of Care: Behaviorial, Social,
and Medical
Increase in Member
Reducion in Utilization:
  • - ER Diversion
  • - Alternative Level of Care Settings
  • - Decrease in Admissions
  • - Decrease in Readmission
Decrease in Fraud,
Waste and Abuse
Reduced Cost of Care
& Increased Cost
Improved REal-Time
Data, Analyses,
and Outcomes

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