ZiphyCare Unique business Model: We become contributing member of the interdisciplinary care team

ZiphyCare ™ provide a stable, long-term, evidence-based approach to care.

ZiphyCare Model avoids fragmentation of services that can lead to medical errors.

ZiphyCare ™ provides and shares the data from the members’ care.

ZiphyCare ™ improves care by increasing coordination of services and integration of care, especially for those vulnerable members who have complex medical/behavioral conditions and limited access, availability and compliance to care.

ZiphyCare Model empowers members to actively participate in their care and thus increase compliance with treatment.

ZiphyCare ™ participates with the care management and quality teams to develop strategies for care.

1.Completes Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
2.Participates in the Individualized Annual Care Plan
3.Provides Member current health needs, goals, and treatment
4.Coordinates Care of Member
5.Reviews Member progress with team
6.Closes Quality of Care (and HEDIS) gaps
7.Provides Immunizations, including Covid-19 vaccinations